The „Bundesverband der Körperspender e. V.“ is an association of body donors and people who support the idea of plastination. It is a registred society in Germany.

The objectives of the association are the improvement of the scientific-medical education, especially in the field of anatomy and the promotion fo information of laymen about human anatomy by means of plastinated bodies or body parts.

In order to achieve this objectives, members of the association participate in events, give or organize lectures in schools or medical instititutions and promote the idea of plastination.

FAQs asked by Mr. Pau Simon from the Institute of Plastination, Da Lian, China

answered by Peter Rosenthal, former chairman of the federal association of body donators, a society registered in Germany (ehem. Vorsitzender des Bundesverbandes der Körperspender e. V.)

Q1: Generally speaking, what kind of main motivation do people have to donate their bodies besides being fascinated by Plastination.
Q2: The early step of Plastination is autopsy, are people scared of being dissected or think it’s terrible to be skinned and cut into slices?
Q3: The Body Worlds is a profitable exhibition, while body donation is for free, do people think they should get some rewards in exchange?
Q4: How much do donors’ family members and friends influence their decisions? Is that vice versa?
Q5: Do you have statistics of how many people become body donor after they visited BODY WORLDS, do they have some idea of the specific procedure for plastination when filling in the donation form?
Q6: What is most donors’ second choice dealing with their body instead of plastination?
Q7: Do most common people prefer to donate their body for medical training or research in a public state-owned university or do they prefer to donate to a private institute making profits?
Q8: You know, some day, every body donor will travel to Da Lian Plastination City for the last destination, how could you imagine this trip to China?
Q9: Would most body donors agree being shown on autopsy to public?
Q10: In terms of being immortal or resurrection, is this part of donors’ motivation or how much does religion impact people?

Answers (pdf)

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